Who is Brian Ellis?

With the help of both artistic and academic scholarships, Brian attended the Savannah College of Art and Design in Savannah, Georgia. Majoring in '2D animation', he went on to scale some minor mountains, such the school's first film club to survive two quarters, vice-preside over an animation club, have an illustration published in an instructional book on animation, and win first prize in a school-wide art history competition.

After graduating magna cum laude in three years (it was a four year program, not a two-year one), Brian interned in the buildshop at the prestigious 'Redmoon Theater' in Chicago, a venue that specialized in artistic private and public performances centered around a unique found-object aesthetic.

Later, he mistakenly wandered to the dirty South and worked on a lurid show about squids -- a disturbing coincidence, yet completely unrelated to the name of his website.

Now he lives in Boston and works on a show about a girl and words called "Wordgirl".

He then wrote this all down in a rambling matter in a page that nobody will probably see anyway.

Have an [admittedly old]:

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